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Machine Model VCM-5000C
Machine Name Combo Vending Machine
Dimensions 1056(Width)*1830(Height)*830(Depth)
Net Weight 350kg
Rated Voltage AC220V~240V/50HZ
Rated Power 845W
Advertisement Screen 7 inches LCD screen
Standard Interface MDB、DEX、RS232 protocol
Payment Systems MDB support for all industry standard devices including cash,coin,debit and credit systems
Delivery Sensor Light gate delivery sensor
Lighting System Vertical LED lights (horizonal optional)
Machine Configuaration Standard Configuration:6trays, 10 selections of each tray
Capacity Standard Configuration:240 chips,chocolate bars,180 cans & bottles
Refrigreation Temprature Dual Temperature Zone(adjustable): 14ºC~25º in upper trays, 3ºC~10º in loewr trays; refrigerant: R134a
Telemetry System Optional
Other Optional Devices 1.Cashless payment module 2.Heating Glass
Suitable Environment Environment Temperature:-15℃~32℃,humidity:75% (for indoor use)
Container Loading Qty. 20'GP 12pcs; 40'GP 28pcs

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