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VS Series

Fertures VS-3000 VS-4000 VS-5000
Delivery Sensors Ο Ο Ο
Satellite Drink Capable N/A N/A N/A
Satellite Snack Capable Ο Ο Ο
Custom Helix Configurations Ο Ο Ο
Chiller N/A N/A N/A
High Security Package S S S
4”Legs S S S
Heated Glass N/A N/A N/A
LED Lighting S S S

S=Standard O=Optional N/A=Not Available

Shelves: 6 made of galvanized steel and pre-coated, from 3-10 spirals per shelf .
Self-sustaining internal structure.
Adjustable height of every 15mm between different shelves.
Anti-theft device assembled on the delivery door.
Product sensor delivery system detects your vending to maximize your profits by ensuring successful vending every time.
Large safety glass with glue interspaces.
Adjustable anti-slip feet.
Coin insertion slot positioned according to requirements for disabled persons.
LCD and auto self-diagnostic control system.
Up to 60 selections.
Removable metal plate for installation of cashless payment systems or bill validators.
Standard color with dark black RAL 9005 finish.
Conforms to CE marking requirement.
A special version is available to allow you offer electronic health control to prevent sales on the predefined trays if temperature exceeds the pre-set value.
Steel-clad and water-proof coin introduction and change giver.
Stainless steel master-slave, keypad.
RoHS compliant.

Electronic multiple pricing accessed through keypad.
Full unit and value line by line sales audit.
Compatible with all leading MDB electronic change giving coin mechanisms, bill acceptor, cashless and telemetry systems.
Integral, push button, mains safety circuit breaker.
Full diagnostic programme accessed through keypad.
24v DC Motors.
Prepared for the EVA-DTS protocol, which can realize off site management.
You can know the latest machine's running status at any time and anywhere.
This makes replenishment and maintainance more efficient and accurate.
Features & Options

Vend Sensor
guarantee product delivery
MDB Payment System
ReadyIncluding coin, bill,
and card reader acceptance

LED Lighting
Enhances product presentation
promotes more sales, reduces
energy costs by 40% over
fluorescent equipped models

Tilting Shelves
Can be tilted down 45º for easy loading

Interior Storage Drawer Optional Tray and Helix
Dual or single spirals for different sized products
Large & Easy to Read
Liquid Crystal Display

Adjustable Helixes
360helixes adjust
in 20 increments

16-button Keypad

Coin Insert Slide
Prevent water penetration
and vandalism
10-Base Keypad (Optional)
Featuring braille identification

Plastic Coin Inset Slot

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